Image result for public speaking as careerPublic speaking is a very exciting and rewarding career if planned well in advance. There are lot many misconceptions which people are having with them with respect to this profession. You will need public speaking coaching to get started.

Most people think that they know the range of topics and they can speak so they can become good public speakers and then they finally take a plunge into it just to hit the ground head on. Then they curse this career path and choose something else.

You really need to plan thing properly and carefully. Meticulous planning is the need of the hour for someone who is seriously thinking about making a career in public speaking. Apart from being a good orator and having developed a good art of eloquence it is also imperative that you develop the sense of understanding the emotions and reaction of the people whom you talking to. It is something which comes through experience and practice only where you get to understand what people thinking about your session or whether they are liking it or not.

You also need to gradually learn the skill of improvising the topic on the fly because at times it does happen that you planned something but you realized that audience is not responding in the manner you anticipated and the session is going flat. In that case, you will have to uplift the mood of the session and make the session interesting.

There is another important aspect for the aspirants who wish to make their career in this area. Understating the difference between confrontation and ability to drive the audience’s questions to logical closure. Quite often it happens with most of the public speakers that the entire session goes smoothly but when it comes to QA session they lose temper because people start asking all sorts of questions which make them agitated and irritated and their outburst or use of words further tarnish the entire sessions.

There is a definitely a bright future in the public speaking domain but you really need to develop the skill and ability of listening and also be able to take user’s feedback in a positive manner. You cannot afford to react sharply and say something absurd. You need to keep a tab on your nerve and be patient and respond positively and optimistically, even for the questions which are stupid and absurd or targeted intentionally to instigate you.

If you are really serious about making Public speaking as your career, you must watch this video:

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Talking about being thrifty is what we have been doing since the start of this blog. We hope that we can share the ideas of using money wisely with more people as time goes by. As more people learn about good money management skills, more benefit can live a better and stress-free life.

So today, let me ask you.

What if you have an extra $150 to spare, what will you do?

  1. Shopping for new clothes
  2. Sign up kids for math tuition
  3. Save and Invest

Ok. If you can see, there are 3 choices, but all these 3 choices seems to be independent choices. They are not related. So if you have that money what will you do?

Let’s explore further!

1) Shopping!

We all love shopping! We all love new stuff! So if you have this extra money, will you spend it away? Think carefully again. I don’t want to give you the answer. But if you have this extra money, but you don’t need extra clothes…should you buy?

Think again…

2) Sign up kids for tuition

Ok. This is not difficult one. If our kids need help on their math, sure, we can get them more help. If you stay at bishan, then just go for some bishan math tuition classes nearby will do.

But the thing is, if your child is already doing well in class, do you still want to send him for tuition? Or rather, you want to give him ‘a bit of life’, so he has some spare time to learn things he may be interested in?

Think again…

3) Save and Invest

Ok, this is a good choice, but it’s not an easy one! When we mention SAVE, it means you are not using it to buy anything, or spend it away, even on others. You have to save it!

Plus, you must also invest it! Though $150 is not a alot, but if you do save it every month, it will total up to be a big sum. But again, investing means delayed gratification and patience. You need to wait for your investment to reap the benefits. You won’t see the benefits right away, like shopping!

So, after learning this, will you still go and invest your money?

You have 1 question. You have 3 answers.

But the main idea is, if you have extra money, how are you going to use it?

There are no right or wrong answers. There are just your decisions. But do note that whatever decision you make today, will affect the results you have tomorrow.

Have a good thought about it before doing anything.

If you’ve made your choice, share it with us below!

Image result for Thrift Shopping

There are a lot of people who save money by searching for coupons that they can use in order to purchase items from the supermarket. These coupons do not always apply to clothes though. They are more directed towards goods that you may need at home. It is okay to purchase from stores that sell mass produced clothing but before they go on sale, you would have to wait a bit before you can find clothes that you can actually wear.

At times, you may be too busy to think about clothes. You are always worrying about your kids guitar lessons that you have forgotten how fun it is to dress up and wear clothes that you actually like. No need to worry though because even if you have a limited budget, you still have the option to wear clothes that you will actually like. Why spend $50 on clothes that you will only wear a few times when you can purchase something that is equally beautiful from a thrift store for about $3?

Of course, it would help if you have a basic idea about the things that you are searching for. For example, if you are looking for a skirt, then it will be easy to look over the things that you do not need although it will still help if you can check out other racks in thrift stores because you may find some treasures you never thought you would have.

In order to save money during thrift shopping, here are other things that you have to remember:

  • Do not purchase something just because it is designer. It is common that you will find some designer goods while you are looking at the selections that are available from thrift stores. You may be tempted to purchase a few things because you are familiar with the brand but if you know that it will not fit, do not push it.
  • Stay away from clothing that you cannot mend anymore. Even if you like a unique piece so much, if it has a tear that cannot be fixed anymore then do not push it because this will only frustrate you when you are unable to fix it.
  • Remember that you if the clothing that you are considering to purchase already has a stain, you are better off not buying it anymore. It may not come off in the wash and it is not too hygienic to do this too.

Gain more details about thrift shopping from here:

With all of these things that you can find at the thrift store, you are pretty sure that you will find something worthwhile.

Our Thrift blog is about saving money, but we also believe that one should learn how to increase their income too (so to boost higher savings too).

In the current ‘millennial’ generation, many young people are being accused to being weak, poor in skills, poor in EQ, yet demanding high pay, and less work. Now, if you are a millennial, don’t get angry. There are reasons why the older generation sees us this way.

But hey, whatever impression they have you on, doesn’t mean that’s true!

Now, if you are new in workforce and looking to progress up the career ladder faster than your peers, then here’s an important skill that you have to learn.

And this skill is not a difficult skill. It’s an important skill, but not taught in schools, not even in university levels. If you possess this skill, you will be seen as more credible, more confident, and more reliable than your peers, hence giving you an unfair advantage over them.

And that skill is…

Public Speaking & Presentation skills. 

Now, you may say this skill is so easy. I can speak and present well in front of others. Heck, you have been doing so many of these presentation during university classes!

But hey, the thing is not about just speaking or presenting.  It is knowing how to present, what to say, when to say it. How to say it well, how to speak in a way the evokes confidence. How do you speak to a group of people to motivate them when they are down. All these are important as a skill.

Why you need this skill. 

Executives are always looking for talents to train them up to lead teams when corporations grow. And one important skill they look for is public speaking skills.

When you can speak confidently in public, you are showing your boss that you are able to command attention whenever you speak. You are able to give clear instructions whenever it is needed. You show that you can lead.

How to learn this skill

Public speaking skill is a learnable skill. Some people claims it is an in-born talent because their parents are presenters, hence, it is ‘natural’ for their kids to speak well too. Nah, that is wrong. Presenting and public speaking is a learnable skill. Anyone can learn it.

To learn this skill, you can learn from a public speaking coach, or join a presentation skills training workshop. By putting in time and effort to learn, you are equipped with certain skills before your next presentation.

To fully master the art of speaking confidently, you simply have to speak more, speak well, speak often. Get more stage them in front of people. If there’s an opportunity for you to present in front of others (or even better, present on behalf on your boss), grab it! That is where you get the opportunity to shine, to lead.

As you progress up the corporate ladder, you will have to speak more, present more, from a small crowd to a larger and larger crowd. You will do less, but you will lead more. You will execute more, but you will decide more. A lot of decision making processes taking place at the same time.

But with good public speakings, you will be able to pass on instructions clearly to each and every team, and thus, gainly respect from your team when the project is well done.

That’s all for the tip! Go start grabbing opportunities to speak well and present well now!

Saving Money?

Oh! That’s easy!

But why so many people fail to save any money, even after really putting money into the bank?

And how come at the end of the month, or the year, nothing much is in their savings account, after all their saving efforts?

Here’s why:

Many savings account ARE NOT savings account!

Most people save their money by putting their money in their own bank account- be it POSB, UOB, or OCBC, the common Singapore banks.

But the thing is, they only have 1 account for everything! Their pay, their expenses, their mortgage… everything!

So the problem comes when they need to save, but also need to spend at the same time!

How can they know how much they can spend, how much they have saved?

That is why, many people thought they have saved $1000 a month, but in fact at the end of the month, they have withdrawn $1500 for other expenses! They draw out more money than they put in!

So what’s the real easy way to REALLY save money?

Simply get a separate account!

But wait.

Is it really that simple? How come not many people does that?

Yes. It’s that really simple. But many people hate to do that because they can’t bare to put their money away in another account that makes it hard for them to withdraw money. Imagine, if they need to touch their savings account, they need to use another card to withdraw. This inconvenience makes people think twice about taking out the money.

And to make sure you are disciplined about saving money, make it even hard for you to withdraw any money from there!

You can put away your ATM card, or simply don’t have one at all! When you make it difficult, your money in that account will STAY in that account.

Now, there you have, a REAL saving account!

Below is a video on how you can save money… everyday.

A really short video to explain how you can save money, but not spending money recklessly. And it is made by a bank who wants you to save more money!

As mentioned in previous blog post about money, many people today are spending way too much, and saving too little (or not saving at all). This is a grave problem that is supposed to be stopped.

But if you are a Singaporean, you would have the CPF system to help you. But again, you still have to help yourself by saving your personal money so that you always have enough for rainy days.

We hope you learn a tip or two on how to save money really easily. Start today. Now.

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Welcome to our website – Thrift.

Thrift gives every one the impression of frugal, scrimping cents for living. It means saving up money to lead a low life which comprises basic lifestyle.

That’s not what we do.

But we call our website Thrift for a reason. 

We want to promote financial literacy among the new generation. Our current generation thrives on spending on credit, instant gratification, spend now save later… all the financial mistakes the previous generation do not want to make.

However, as our society gets wealthier, we are living in a place where we can get whatever we want, at any time we want. We do not live in lack. Hence, we always believe that we will never be poor again. And this is where the mindset of complacency comes in. We spend whatever and whenever we like, without thinking.

This has caused many of our millennials facing financial difficulty even when they are getting high salary, sometimes much higher than their parents. Why is this so? Where has their money gone? (don’t ask them. They don’t know either!)

This is why Thrift is born. 

We seek to educate the new generation how to manage their money better. How to use their money better. How to save their money better. How to have more without scrimping their entire life. How to make more money, save more money, and never worry about money.

We believe that if one person can benefit and learn how to manage their money better, it will encourage more people to learn and benefit from it, and slowly the entire society will benefit.

We hope you will support us in our journey to help more people in their financial literacy.

To kick start, this video by renowned author Brian Tracy shows you how to save money.