Welcome to our website – Thrift.

Thrift gives every one the impression of frugal, scrimping cents for living. It means saving up money to lead a low life which comprises basic lifestyle.

That’s not what we do.

But we call our website Thrift for a reason. 

We want to promote financial literacy among the new generation. Our current generation thrives on spending on credit, instant gratification, spend now save later… all the financial mistakes the previous generation do not want to make.

However, as our society gets wealthier, we are living in a place where we can get whatever we want, at any time we want. We do not live in lack. Hence, we always believe that we will never be poor again. And this is where the mindset of complacency comes in. We spend whatever and whenever we like, without thinking.

This has caused many of our millennials facing financial difficulty even when they are getting high salary, sometimes much higher than their parents. Why is this so? Where has their money gone? (don’t ask them. They don’t know either!)

This is why Thrift is born. 

We seek to educate the new generation how to manage their money better. How to use their money better. How to save their money better. How to have more without scrimping their entire life. How to make more money, save more money, and never worry about money.

We believe that if one person can benefit and learn how to manage their money better, it will encourage more people to learn and benefit from it, and slowly the entire society will benefit.

We hope you will support us in our journey to help more people in their financial literacy.

To kick start, this video by renowned author Brian Tracy shows you how to save money.