Thrift means knowing how to use your money.

And that’s what this website propose to do.

To share ideas and strategies how to use your money wisely in your daily lives, to share with you how you can put your money in better places to reap better returns. And most importantly, to help you enjoy saving and using your money wisely.


We are living in a world of credit. Everything is about buying first, pay later. You don’t have to teach someone how to spend money, but it takes hard work to teach someone the importance of money, delayed gratification, to hold back their expenses, to know what to buy, what not to.

That’s hard.

And that’s why we are facing a crisis in our society today. Youths, even adults, are unable to save and plan their finances wisely. They don’t know how to use their money and control their expenses. And that’s also why you are seeing higher consumption in the society, but less savings, even with higher salary but the new generation.


Saving is not easy. Saving is hard.

That is why we seek to educate the current generation how they can deploy your financial resources into meaningful investments, into places where it will grow their money, instead of depleting their reserves.

We will share with them how they can control their expenses easily without sacrificing their current lifestyle. We will share ideas how to they can get the same satisfaction without spending tons of money which can’t guarantee long-term happiness.

We will show them how they can control their emotions even when big signs flashing 90% sale.

But again, all these are hard. And we will keep sharing them until more people benefits. This includes tips on investing, money spending, property investment in Singapore etc.

If you are with us on this journey, we welcome you to follow us on our mission to teach people how to use their money wisely. Follow us on our blog here!