Image result for public speaking as careerPublic speaking is a very exciting and rewarding career if planned well in advance. There are lot many misconceptions which people are having with them with respect to this profession. You will need public speaking coaching to get started.

Most people think that they know the range of topics and they can speak so they can become good public speakers and then they finally take a plunge into it just to hit the ground head on. Then they curse this career path and choose something else.

You really need to plan thing properly and carefully. Meticulous planning is the need of the hour for someone who is seriously thinking about making a career in public speaking. Apart from being a good orator and having developed a good art of eloquence it is also imperative that you develop the sense of understanding the emotions and reaction of the people whom you talking to. It is something which comes through experience and practice only where you get to understand what people thinking about your session or whether they are liking it or not.

You also need to gradually learn the skill of improvising the topic on the fly because at times it does happen that you planned something but you realized that audience is not responding in the manner you anticipated and the session is going flat. In that case, you will have to uplift the mood of the session and make the session interesting.

There is another important aspect for the aspirants who wish to make their career in this area. Understating the difference between confrontation and ability to drive the audience’s questions to logical closure. Quite often it happens with most of the public speakers that the entire session goes smoothly but when it comes to QA session they lose temper because people start asking all sorts of questions which make them agitated and irritated and their outburst or use of words further tarnish the entire sessions.

There is a definitely a bright future in the public speaking domain but you really need to develop the skill and ability of listening and also be able to take user’s feedback in a positive manner. You cannot afford to react sharply and say something absurd. You need to keep a tab on your nerve and be patient and respond positively and optimistically, even for the questions which are stupid and absurd or targeted intentionally to instigate you.

If you are really serious about making Public speaking as your career, you must watch this video: