What You Can Do With An Extra $150 A Month

How are you enjoying our blog posts so far? Talking about being thrifty is what we have been doing since the start of this blog. We hope that we can share the ideas of using money wisely with more people as time goes by. As more people learn about good money management skills, more benefit […]

How to Save Money Doing Thrift Shopping

There are a lot of people who save money by searching for coupons that they can use in order to purchase items from the supermarket. These coupons do not always apply to clothes though. They are more directed towards goods that you may need at home. It is okay to purchase from stores that sell […]

How To Save Money – A Real Easy Method

Saving Money? Oh! That’s easy! But why so many people fail to save any money, even after really putting money into the bank? And how come at the end of the month, or the year, nothing much is in their savings account, after all their saving efforts? Here’s why: Many savings account ARE NOT savings […]

A New Beginning With Money

Welcome to our website – Thrift. Thrift gives every one the impression of frugal, scrimping cents for living. It means saving up money to lead a low life which comprises basic lifestyle. That’s not what we do. But we call our website Thrift for a reason.  We want to promote financial literacy among the new […]