It is no doubt that Singapore can be quite an expensive place to live in.

Though some of us have tried our best to live within our means, some costs are not avoidable. We still need to pay for some costs. Such as daily cost of living expenses, our food, transport, education, and so forth.

For parents, these are more costs to handle. You have your kids’ living costs, education, future costs to worry about. And as parents, we want to give the best to our kids, always! We can save more on ourselves, but as much as possible, we want to give the best to our kids.

As such, we want to groom our kids talents as much as we can, so they grow up and pursue their dreams they have. Say if my child is musically inclined, I would want to send him to piano lessons in Singapore right away. I’ll find good piano teachers to guide him, to unleash the talent in him! And if possible, get him to top music schools, or graduate schools overseas. Be great musician that he/she can be proud of.

But let’s say my child is not so talented. I’ll still send him to music classes. Not to push him to be a music superstar. But at least to allow him to explore the musical side of things, learn how to appreciate music, have a hobby that he can take on when he grew up. Life is so stress. It’s not always about work right? It can be about music, guitar, violin, and even singing!

Plus, studies show that music can help to inculcate responsibility, ownership, discipline, and these characteristics are helpful to the person later in life.

These values and character are not taught directly in school, and cannot be learned via textbooks. It is all these little activities help the child to grow up having them.

Hence, though your child may not be a superstar musician, he can still be a good citizen and achieve success in his own ways, but just by you sending them to piano lessons when they are kids.

Alright, that’s the music side of things. Now, what about their academics?

Singapore is famous for its tuition industry. Almost all kids have extra tuition outside of school. Like Wow. When we were young back in the 2000s, kids who are poor in results go for tuition. Nowadays, kids with 90/100 go for tuition just to get that 100/100 score. It’s quite crazy.

But again, we can complain so much about, but most parents will still send their kids to tuition. Seems like a necessary evil.

So yes, tuition somehow become the standard for kids to do well in school. That’s all. Not necessarily will help him get a better life next time.

We as parents love to give as much as we can to our child. But we do need to remember that not everything is good for them. Too much of something may lose its effect. A balance will be good to allow the child to grow and discover on its own.

Is grooming kids expensive in Singapore? Definitely if you want to control every part of your child’s education. You want to grow the way exactly you want him to be, not the way he wants to be. If that’s the way, then yes, it’s gonna be costly.

But if you involve yourself to the stage that you support him, and allow him to lead his own growth, costs will be minimal, and whatever you invest in him, will bear better fruits.

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