How are you enjoying our blog posts so far?

Talking about being thrifty is what we have been doing since the start of this blog. We hope that we can share the ideas of using money wisely with more people as time goes by. As more people learn about good money management skills, more benefit can live a better and stress-free life.

So today, let me ask you.

What if you have an extra $150 to spare, what will you do?

  1. Shopping for new clothes
  2. Sign up kids for math tuition
  3. Save and Invest

Ok. If you can see, there are 3 choices, but all these 3 choices seems to be independent choices. They are not related. So if you have that money what will you do?

Let’s explore further!

1) Shopping!

We all love shopping! We all love new stuff! So if you have this extra money, will you spend it away? Think carefully again. I don’t want to give you the answer. But if you have this extra money, but you don’t need extra clothes…should you buy?

Think again…

2) Sign up kids for tuition

Ok. This is not difficult one. If our kids need help on their math, sure, we can get them more help. If you stay at bishan, then just go for some bishan math tuition classes nearby will do.

But the thing is, if your child is already doing well in class, do you still want to send him for tuition? Or rather, you want to give him ‘a bit of life’, so he has some spare time to learn things he may be interested in?

Think again…

3) Save and Invest

Ok, this is a good choice, but it’s not an easy one! When we mention SAVE, it means you are not using it to buy anything, or spend it away, even on others. You have to save it!

Plus, you must also invest it! Though $150 is not a alot, but if you do save it every month, it will total up to be a big sum. But again, investing means delayed gratification and patience. You need to wait for your investment to reap the benefits. You won’t see the benefits right away, like shopping!

So, after learning this, will you still go and invest your money?

You have 1 question. You have 3 answers.

But the main idea is, if you have extra money, how are you going to use it?

There are no right or wrong answers. There are just your decisions. But do note that whatever decision you make today, will affect the results you have tomorrow.

Have a good thought about it before doing anything.

If you’ve made your choice, share it with us below!